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Smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) has come to India and is increasing every day. The most effective way of reaching to the broadband has also started to come in trend. Placing structured wiring and Wi-Fi availability is what commoners think is how it receives, Optical fiber deployment is the bigger picture behind it. Internet is made available with mainly Above Ground Poles and Underground conduit.

Project Name :: Underground Optical Fiber
Location :: Waiting For Location Declare
Upcoming Project :: January, 2020
Remarks :: The project was completed under the budget, with the savings returned to the owner.

We GPC Infotech have been aiming to start work on Optical fiber wiring underground in various cities across the country. Even combination of Underground Cabling and Overhead Cabling is also available with us as we have been working in connecting many cities with electric pole wiring.


While overhead cables are more prone to breakage and weathering due to climate conditions, we have started with underground cabling as it sets better future in the country’s development. Buried cables are more reliable as it get farther and safe from any elements of nature to damage it.


We choose a shallow trench, with non rocky terrain to easy detection and maintenance. But not so high too that it gets pressed and broken by the trench of clay and small rocks which purge through the cables. In urban areas, we take care of all the roadsides and engrave the wires without damaging the roads making it cost effective and un-disruptive processing.


We will be working upon:

  • Direct Burial: Steel armored outdoor fiber cable which is placed either plowed or trenched.
  • Underground duct installation: Highly used in urban areas, where trenching is on micro level digs. We use the trench through hot polymer lying and pouring seals over it.