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Haridwar (Underground Cabeling)

Our motivation to work and reach a standard

Reaching electricity at every corner of the country is the new government’s motto. We are here to deliver the same with our hand in the technology; we provide underground cabling at various locations around the country. Underground cabling is bringing a drastic change in giving electricity to even remote locations. We provide Underground Cabling offering heavy work services benefit through locations of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is a disaster prone zone with a number of landslides and flood during the year, we give a service that is resilient in different conditions of weather as well as damage due to human or animal disruptions. With our fool-proof networking and expanding the wire laid under for various locations, we play our part of expanding the electrical supply to the commoners across the country. Our process is highly reliable, inexpensive and secured with all the aesthetics considered for the clearances. Our projects entailed of laying underground cables in providing 33kV line and 11 kV lines across the state. Various electrical works we do around the state are

Haridwar Ongoing Projects Locations

  • Underground Cabling
  • Replacement of Old Poles with New ones
  • Constructing substations for power distribution.
  • Government Integrated Power Development Scheme projects.
  • Building Smart City and its respective works.

Our Partners

Worked in such a huge range of projects, we made clients and we made partners. Our partners are connecting with us forever and the list is quite long. Here we present some Honorable mentions on the list of partners working with us.