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Smart City Building with GPC Infotech

Smart City is a mission whole country is opting to in the current scenario. The urban development program under government to renew and build more than a 100 Cities all across the country is the new buzz. The main focus of the scheme is to make citizen friendly, advanced, fast and sustainable cities. Launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Urban development department has been handed over the task.

Indian Cities accommodate almost 32% of the total population of the country and contribute in more than 60% of the total GDP. By another decade, we can expect more than 75% of the total GDP provided by the urban areas of the country. The population will also be increased to above 40% of the total population, the economy, the social and the institutional life in the cities are expected to be rocket high. In such a diverse situation of growth, it is not wrong to expect infrastructure that is world class and represent a memorandum of its own.

Smart cities are the future of the country, where on one side there are cities like Amrawati (Andhra Pradesh) and Dholera (Gujarat) which are developed by Singapore and Japan Respectively, there are cities which are to be developed by Indian Companies under the Make in India Representation. The approach of development is through Digital and Information technology, Urban Planning and Public-Private partnership working under various policies, the changes are foreseen in just 3-5 years. The changes will be people first and making a smart solution for the core smart cities.

What can be done?

The approach encircles the core infrastructure elements of suitable amount of water supply for household and industrial usage, adequate amount of electricity supply, proper sanitation for everyone, garbage disposal facility with right solid waste management system, agile and efficient transportation services, sustainable environment, security and safety of every citizen including animals, a right kind of IT Connectivity and digitalization, then the most important health and education for all at a sensible price. These are in a way an ideal smart city requirement but are a huge challenge for just the government institution to work upon. The processes of building such city require huge investment and time, smart people and active participation of both government and reformed companies. So it is a sure shot that companies like GPC Infotech has to take part in a specific niche of work and make it easy for the governance to finish the work properly.

An active participation from the citizens, right amount of funding from international bodies like World Bank, IMF and FATF, participation of private companies across the globe are all part of the development procedure.

What do we do?

GPC Infotech have been playing their part of development in Smart city by laying cables underground which were earlier processed with overhead cabling. The process is done by using Draw-in system of underground cabling. The refurbishment of over head to underground is necessary because of the fact that overhead cables are more prone to damaging in natural calamities or by human errors. Underground cabling also provides an option to put optic fiber for internet cable laying which will the main focus in the coming future which. The world is getting online and so do the country, we help others to access internet with the fastest way possible. GPC Infotech are reputed institution, who also work under the government in making structures based on tenders or any other means.

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