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Meter testing


All electricity producing company’s success depends upon the accurate metering it gets. The profit and loss depends on it, but if the electric meter is faulty, inaccuracies are forthcoming for sure. This will ultimately ruin the billing and losses in thousands and Lakhs of rupees to the company every year. So a reliable source of meter testing machine should be available to test the equipment.

Project Name :: Meter Testing
Location :: Rajshtan
Finished On :: March, 2018
Remarks :: The project was completed under the budget, with the savings returned to the owner.

GPC Infotech can be that company for the user to test the meters at home or industrial space for detecting any error. We work in a speedy, precision and convenient manner with our expert technicians to meet the testing requirements


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What we do?

Meter Testing: With end-to-end testing solutions, we make sure the product for any condition making it easy and faster cost effective testing.l Current” source. Mainly for customer voltage for meter accuracy. Testing [points include Full load, Power Factor and Light Load.Sub-Meter Testing: Ensuring the accuracy and performance of the meter which will ultimately result in better safety of sub-meters and their distributions with product verification.


How we do it?

  • Customer load test: The verification of accuracy in the meter reading under real-loading conditions. This makes it clear about the testing and billing condition of the meter. It also ensures the functionality, accuracy, harmonics, imbalances and extreme power parameters.
  • Controlled Current Source: Used for evaluation of “Controlled Sinusoidal Current” source. Mainly for customer voltage for meter accuracy. Testing [points include Full load, Power Factor and Light Load.
  • Controlled Current and Voltage Source: We perform a in-depth load testing with controlled sinusoidal current and voltage source making it to test on site meter testing equivalent to laboratory testing.