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Civil Services

Our Civil Works

Our company focuses on implementing evolving the country through our civil expertise in the field.

GPC Infotech are into buying tenders from Government developments for different cities and states on Civil Construction works. We have been recognized as a trustable company by the government and since last one year, we have significantly increased the number of projects under our supervision. We have been into providing Workers for different projects. Our projects confined of unbeaten success with the precision of our working. With the Workers treated as our family, we make structures those get stable for generation.

We have been in the business for quite a while as the supervisors are into the working since more than a decade long. Our guidance and the government support have made us great target achievers in the field of Civil Constructions.



With all the advanced equipments under our arsenal, we are ready with any civil projects at any terrain. We have been working so long on projects in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, we are well established for any more projects on further developments in other parts of the country too



Worked on so many different projects on Civil works, we have done mingling with 100 others. It makes us easy supplier of potential Workmen supply for projects under any conditions. The workers have experience of working in difficult terrains of Hilly areas and difficult projects like building sky scrapers in metro cities