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Civil Works included in GPC Infotech

We are all aware of the pace of development India is undergoing and the Civil Works coming every day around the country. GPC Infotech has decided to play the part by putting our dedicated team in building civil structures.

With more than a 25 major projects coming in line to make civil developments like World-Class, Eco-Friendly Airports, the magnificent metro projects, Solar power projects in big states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Airport building in major new cities, GIFT City in Gujarat, Mumbai eastern freeway, etc. All these developments in the country are huge sector of improvement in making of the bright future of the country. We can expect a growth considerably higher in coming 5 years; it is all because of the Government’s policy to initiate changes and giving a 100% FDI flow.

With the changes in the structures, there are also changes in the technology. The innovative society and the technology are coming forth to build structures that are adding value to the generation. There are various features that evolve into a better construction technology, some are as follows,

The Concrete Grade

There are many grades of Concretes that varies among strength, settlement time and other things. This was not as efficient a decade ago and had challenges in making high grade material to withstand the new loads of heavier technologies. This impacted the constructions and development of projects in older days. However, the innovations have taken over the technology and advanced these to ensure the improved results. The products, the processes and the practices used in the construction industry have advanced enormously.

The cement mix today constitutes the utilization of admixture and cement additives like GGBS and Micro Silica through the mix products. The mixture improves the complete strength of the hardened concrete to upgrade the site control method product. The column of structural steel today uses M-80 grade concrete to encase the load carrying capacity making it high strength structure within lesser area utilization. It gives bigger carpet area and lower dead load on the concrete. The process is resulting into miracles by producing the concrete property more economical and appropriate.

The Steel Structures – This is another revolutionary step in building the future. The advantages are huge; it carries higher dead loads at the least amount of covered area. It enhances the economy by lowering the investment as of requiring lesser foundation cost and smaller section of column. The columns and beams have higher resistance properties comparatively, with a better control on fabrication with sturdier structures at site through making walls and pillars.

Even when comparing the linking of the structures to behave as a single unit, the joining through bolting and welding gets easier. This reduced the modification time and proves to be a faster process. GPC Infotech uses the most prominent and trusted Composite steel which are industrial standards and pioneered in the market.

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